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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical factor in fostering a positive and collaborative work environment, and the KUSHI software plays a pivotal role in enhancing this aspect. With KUSHI, employees can seamlessly connect with their colleagues through a user-friendly chat interface, facilitating real-time communication and collaboration. The platform goes beyond conventional communication by allowing employees to greet each other on a dedicated wall for work anniversaries, creating a sense of appreciation and camaraderie within the team. Furthermore, KUSHI provides a versatile space for employees to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences through text, images, and videos, fostering a culture of open communication and mutual support. This innovative software not only strengthens professional relationships but also contributes to a more vibrant and engaged.

Employee Engagement Goal #

Happy employee progressive business, In KUSHI we understand this requirement for business to address this we have incorporate employee engagement in our solution. Our solution is not only for business but also for the employees to make their daily life smooth. Few main but not limited features are mentioned below;
  • Direct Chat
  • Celebrate / Wishes with Fellow Colleagues
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Follow up Reminder
  • Employee Own Company Profile
  • Avail Corporate Discounts
  • Shop Online
  • Interact with Vendors
The goal of employee engagement is to give empowerment to an employee where they can not only connect with their fellow colleagues and express their experience in form of images and videos. In our solution employee can manage their tasks and clients not only this they can track and set reminders as required.
Outcomes of Employee Engagement in KUSHI #
  • Employee Motivation
  • Commitment towards tasks
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Improved Efficiency