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Maintain Employee Details


KUSHI serves as an efficient platform for managing employee data, seamlessly tracking information from their entry into the organization until the conclusion of their tenure. This comprehensive system facilitates streamlined management of employee details, supporting various HR processes, and enabling effective tracking of workforce improvements over time.


The end of service within KUSHI marks the conclusion of a user’s engagement with our platform. We understand that this phase is as critical as any other in an employee’s journey. Our platform facilitates a smooth transition by ensuring that data pertaining to the departing employee is managed securely and appropriately. This includes archiving and retaining necessary records for compliance and auditing purposes, as well as facilitating the termination of system access and permissions. By efficiently managing the end of service process, KUSHI helps organizations maintain data integrity, security, and compliance while ensuring a seamless experience for both departing employees and HR administrators.


KUSHI offers user-friendly data import capabilities, making it simple to bring information from external software into our platform. Whether you’re onboarding multiple employees at once or need to import data module by module, our system streamlines the process, minimizing the need for manual data entry. This efficient data import feature not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic tasks rather than tedious data input, ultimately enhancing productivity and data management capabilities within the platform.