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Reports and Analytics


KUSHI empowers your organization to meet reporting needs with ease. Craft unlimited reports aligned to your requirements and preferences. Customize fields to capture essential data accurately. With a library of 200+ pre-designed templates, effortlessly select the right format for your data presentation. This robust system ensures informed decision-making and operational efficiency through insightful reporting


Dashboard provides a visual representation of your organization’s process, allowing you to access critical information like expiring documents, attendance and leave request status. It helps measure efficiency, monitor key performance, set estimates and targets for the future. It also helps in monitoring key performance  for future planning.

Data Security  #

KUSHI ensures data security by letting only authorized users access sensitive information. In KUSHI, the dashboard can be changed to fit different job roles. This way, each person sees what’s important for their job roles. Also, some limits can be set for employees, so they only see what they need to. This keeps things organized and safe.


This function serves as a Quick Search tool within KUSHI. It goes beyond generating reports by allowing you to search for specific data quickly. You can look for information across different modules, and the results you get are determined by the module you’re in and any conditions you set. Moreover, you can export these results to Excel for further analysis or reference.

Data Security #

HRBluSky’s reporting module extends the advantages of user access roles, enhancing data security and efficiency. With role-based access control, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can generate, view, and modify reports. This safeguards sensitive information and maintains data integrity. Users are granted access to specific reports based on their roles, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data exposure. This feature streamlines workflows, as each user gains access only to the reports relevant to their responsibilities, optimizing their efficiency and focusing their efforts.


HRBluSky includes a robust document management system with built-in alerts and notifications for document expirations, ensuring compliance and timely actions. This feature helps organizations keep track of various document expirations such as contracts, certifications, licenses, or permits.

When a document is uploaded or linked to an employee profile, KUSHI allows users to set expiration dates. As the expiration date approaches, the system triggers automated alerts and notifications, notifying the responsible personnel or the document owner. These notifications can be sent via email, within the KUSHI portal, or through mobile alerts, depending on the user’s preferences and configuration.

These alerts and notifications serve as proactive reminders, enabling HR professionals to take timely actions, such as renewing documents, updating certifications, or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This feature not only helps in preventing document-related issues but also streamlines document management processes and enhances compliance efforts within the organization.