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Elevate your payroll management globally with ready-made setups for various countries. Customize fixed and variable earnings/deductions, manage cycles, and key dates effortlessly. Handle loans, statutory elements, and reporting robustly. Generate accurate pay-slips, manage overtime, and simplify salary distribution with WPS reports. This versatile platform simplifies complex payroll across the world in a user-friendly interface


Effortlessly establish and customize your Payroll and Leave components within the system. This encompassing feature set extends to Time Exceptions, incorporating both Overtime and Undertime functionalities. This ensures an easiest approach to managing employee compensation and attendance. The system provides the flexibility to define various pay structures, leaves, and allowances, while also accommodating exceptional instances like Overtime hours worked beyond the regular schedule or instances of Undertime. This inclusion of Time Exceptions guarantees accurate payroll calculations and adherence to attendance policies.


A custom form in our system seamlessly stores and manages additional employee details, effortlessly integrating them into payroll. This versatile feature allows us to store extra information, including benefits, deductions, taxes, and more, tailoring the payroll process to individual profiles.

Certainly, here’s how you can incorporate tax configuration elements into the payroll process for both India, Indonesia and other countries, while maintaining versatility:

Global Tax Configuration:

1.Customizable Tax Modules: Develop a modular tax configuration system that can be adapted to various countries’ tax regulations. This modular approach ensures flexibility and enables easy integration of new tax components as needed.


1.BPJS Contributions

2.PPh21 Tax THR (Holiday Allowance


1.Form 16

2.Form 24Q


Tax automation in KUSHI offers a global solution for streamlined payroll processes. By configuring tax formulas in a central formula engine, automated calculations occur during payroll, irrespective of geographical location. This versatile system facilitates easy creation of payroll elements, encompassing grade-based compensation benefits and taxation, adaptable to diverse tax regulations worldwide. It provides standardized employee and grade-based tax reports, simplified configuration of tax components and formulas, and ensures swift adaptation to new tax and payroll rules. The system’s flexibility extends to Excel benefits usage, eradicating the need for intricate formula creation. With its universal applicability, this solution alleviates concerns regarding configuring numerous components for payroll across various countries, offering a seamless, worldwide solution


You now have the capability to personalize your monthly employee pay slips to a greater extent. This includes the option to include your organization’s logo, which adds a professional touch and reinforces your brand identity. With this customization feature, each pay slip becomes a reflection of your company’s values and commitment to providing a well-designed and consistent experience for your employees. This small but significant detail can contribute to a more engaging and positive connection between your organization and its workforce