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Organization Setup

The HR and payroll setup in KUSHI involves a one-time configuration that establishes vital parameters for smooth operations. This arrangement enables all KUSHI components to access essential data seamlessly. Attributes like time zones, legislation, and taxation are determined based on this initial setup, ensuring accuracy and alignment with the company’s specifications.


A hierarchy within an organizational context defines the structure and functioning of an entity, encompassing both individual and group entities within the company. It delineates the interrelationships among various segments, such as divisions, departments, and cost centers, while illustrating the distinct tiers and leadership positions within the organization. This hierarchy framework proves useful in designating levels of approval for various processes.


In KUSHI, the approval hierarchy is a way to get the right approvals for different processes, like requesting leave, asking for a loan, or claiming expenses. Imagine you want to take a vacation. When you request time off in KUSHI, the system knows who your manager is. Your request goes to your manager first. If they agree, it might then go to their manager or someone else higher up, depending on the company’s setup. This way, each request follows a chain of approvals, making sure the right people give the green light.

Similarly, if you need a loan or want to claim expenses, KUSHI will route your request to the appropriate people for approval. This helps ensure that all the necessary steps are taken and that things are in line with company rules. So, the approval hierarchy in KUSHI helps keep things organized and makes sure that everyone who needs to approve something gets a chance to review it before it’s finalized.


KUSHI offers the convenience of maintaining one or more companies within a single login, simplifying administrative tasks for users managing multiple organizations. Our platform also securely stores financial information, including bank details of both the company and its employees. With robust encryption and access controls in place, KUSHI ensures the utmost security of this sensitive financial data. Users can trust that their financial information is well-protected against unauthorized access, making KUSHI a reliable and secure solution for comprehensive HR and financial management across various companies.


KUSHI introduces a novel feature named the “formula engine,” seamlessly integrated into the Grade setup. This setup is a one-time process, enabling the creation of an unlimited number of grades that align with a company’s specific grade lists. This innovative tool empowers accurate and versatile grade configuration, enhancing your organization’s management capabilities.