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KUSHI employs cutting-edge facial recognition technology to accurately track employee attendance across all your company’s sites. This advanced system not only records when employees clock in and out but also provides effortless access to precise information about the total time they’ve worked and the durations for any specific time frame you need. This technology ensures accurate and reliable attendance data, streamlining attendance tracking and enhancing convenience for businesses of all sizes.


NFC Card attendance

This functionality is particularly useful for mobile phones equipped with integrated NFC scanners. With this capability, users have the convenience of marking their attendance by simply tapping an NFC Card on fixed devices. This streamlined process enhances the efficiency of attendance recording while ensuring accuracy and ease of use

Face Attendance

KUSHI makes it easy for employees to clock in and out using facial recognition on mobile or tablet devices. You can also use your company’s Wi-Fi or IP network for this. Another option is to set up geofences, so when employees enter or leave certain areas, their attendance is recorded. Whether you use fixed devices or portable ones, KUSHI supports both methods for capturing attendance.



KUSHI’s attendance grouping feature offers versatile tracking solutions, such as GPS for sales teams, IP-based attendance for software departments, and NFC card-based systems for labor, factory, or warehouse employees. By categorizing employees based on their specific tracking needs, KUSHI ensures efficient attendance monitoring tailored to various work environments. This flexibility enables organizations to make data-driven decisions, streamline payroll processes, and optimize workforce management across diverse teams and departments.


In KUSHI, you can easily configure and manage your employees’ overtime settings. You can set the minimum hours and pay rate for overtime, and these settings are automatically applied to employee grades. During payroll, you can add overtime or undertime hours with ease. The system also includes an automatic approval process, simplifying overtime management and ensuring accurate pay calculations.

Manual Overtime & Undertime

You can manually calculate overtime (OT) and undertime (UT) during payroll in KUSHI. We’ve integrated custom fields for OT/UT into our formula engine, so you can easily set up specific rules for these calculations. You can use pre-configured formulas to accurately calculate OT and UT hours based on the data you input. This ensures that your payroll reflects the exact payment for the hours worked, simplifying the process and reducing the chance of errors in your payroll calculations.


With the integration of GPS tracking and GPS with Live Tracker, KUSHI empowers you to keep tabs on your employees’ precise locations in real-time. This feature offers two options: standard GPS tracking and an enhanced GPS with Live Tracker. By utilizing GPS technology, you can monitor your employees’ whereabouts as they move throughout the day. The Live Tracker option takes this a step further, providing continuous, live updates on their locations, enabling you to stay well-informed about their movements at any given moment. This functionality enhances your ability to manage remote or field-based teams, optimize scheduling, and ensure the safety and efficiency of your workforce.


Elevate your business operations with this cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize face attendance device and HR management. Seamlessly integrating with payroll systems, shift rosters, and offering plug-and-play compatibility with KUSHI, the M1 stands as a singular, all-encompassing solution for streamlined workforce management. Here’s to a year of innovation and continued success with the KUSHI – M1!

Key Business Impact: #

One-Step Solution: M1! This innovative system simplifies face attendance device and HR management into a cohesive, efficient process, eliminating complexities for enhanced operational efficiency. Cheers to the success of M1 and the continued simplification of workplace processes!

Cloud-Powered Convenience: Owners and managers now have the power to instantly view real-time data from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical systems and on-site administration. This technological shift enhances flexibility and efficiency in decision-making for businesses.

Exceptional Record Management: Timely intervention now allows for the effective masking of exceptions like late arrivals or absences, ensuring a smoother workflow operation for improved efficiency. Here’s to continued success in maintaining organized and efficient records.

Centralized Employee Data Management: Effortlessly oversee employees across multiple locations with an intuitive dashboard, ensuring seamless data management and providing a user-friendly interface for comprehensive personnel oversight. Here’s to a year of streamlined operations and continued success in managing workforce data effectively.

Multi-Location Management: Effectively oversee factories across diverse locations through a singular window, promoting centralized control and coordination for enhanced operational efficiency. Here’s to continued success in streamlining processes and ensuring smooth coordination across various locations.

Access Control Flexibility: Granting access permissions to users at various locations has empowered employees to conveniently mark attendance, irrespective of their work site. Cheers to a year of enhanced flexibility and efficient access management.

The MTeamZ – M1 transcends conventional boundaries, offering unparalleled integration, cloud-driven accessibility, and user-friendly controls. Elevate your workforce management experience and embrace a new era of efficiency with the M1

System Features #

Face recognition for attendance

Accurate Face recognition

Cloud based attendance management

REST API connectivity with KUSHI