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Employee Self Service

In KUSHI, we empower employees with convenient and user-friendly self-service features through both the KUSHI User Portal and the KUSHI Live Tracker App.

KUSHI User Portal: Our User Portal provides employees with a centralized platform where they can access and manage their HR-related information effortlessly. Employees can log in to view and update their personal details, such as contact information and emergency contacts. They can also access their attendance records, leave balances, and pay stubs, allowing for greater transparency and control over their HR data. Additionally, employees can submit leave requests, view company policies, and access essential HR documents. This self-service portal streamlines HR processes, reduces administrative workload, and enhances employee engagement by granting them autonomy over their HR information.

KUSHI Live Tracker App: The KUSHI Live Tracker App extends the convenience of self-service to employees on the go. Through this mobile application, employees can clock in and out, track their working hours, and manage their attendance in real-time. They can also request leaves, check their attendance history, and receive notifications and reminders related to their HR activities. This app fosters flexibility and mobility for employees, making it easier for them to stay connected with HR processes and ensuring that they have the flexibility to manage their work-life balance effectively.


Empower employees to initiate paperless loan requests directly from their mobile devices. Streamline the process with automatic approval, factoring in amount and repayment restrictions. Seamlessly calculate repayment amounts and offer options for recovery through payroll deductions or cash payments. Enable loan pre-closure and flexibility in setting repayment months aligned with payroll cycles. Comprehensive loan tracking allows viewing with diverse filtering options, fostering efficient management and transparency


Experience enhanced leave management with KUSHI powerful features. Configure fields like Leave Type, Policy, and Holiday List to match your needs, eliminating paperwork and saving time. Stay compliant effortlessly while enjoying a customizable approval workflow and automatic leave balance updates. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and access insightful reports immediately. With HRBluSky, optimize your leave management for efficiency and compliance in a user-friendly solution.


Elevate your claim management with KUSHI advanced functionalities. Customize fields such as Claim Type and Policy to align with your specific requirements, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and enhancing efficiency. Ensure seamless compliance through automated processes, while tailoring approval workflows to your organization’s structure. Benefit from automatic updates to claim balances, streamlining calculations and minimizing errors. Enjoy smooth integration with existing systems, and gain insights through easy-to-access reporting. With KUSHI, revolutionize your claim management for a streamlined and compliant experience