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Best eCommerce solution for Real Estate Companies in Dubai

KUSHI's Real Estate Companies Solution emerges as the ultimate e-commerce solution for water-related businesses in the UAE, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate operational efficiency and customer engagement. Our tailored platform enables companies to connect with clients and employees simultaneously through a user-friendly website and mobile application. This all-encompassing solution goes beyond standard development, incorporating cutting-edge technology for seamless customer experiences, including real-time tracking, inventory management, and automated order fulfillment. By providing water companies with the necessary tools, KUSHI ensures a more efficient and customer-centric operation, setting a new standard of excellence in the industry.

Services for Water Company #

  1. Customised Website / Domain
  2. Customized Mobile Application
  3. CRM
  4. Collect Orders (Online / Offline)
  5. Direct Chat
  6. Track Empty Bottles
  7. Customized Dashboard
  8. eCoupons
  9. Role Based Access
  10. Business Profile Page
This all-in-one solution empowers companies to connect with both clients and employees concurrently, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. The user-friendly interface, backed by cutting-edge technology, ensures a hassle-free experience for customers, enabling them to effortlessly access services, place orders, and track deliveries.

Features for Water Companies #

Customized Website / Domain
Our customized website, powered by KUSHI, is designed for flexibility, allowing water companies to maintain their unique identity. With personalized logos and the ability to define bottle sizes, KUSHI provides a tailored digital space for showcasing your brand. The domain,, serves as the digital storefront where customers can explore your product offerings, customize their orders based on bottle size preferences, and conveniently place orders online. Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, while the integrated e-commerce functionality enables secure transactions. MTeamZ is not just a solution; it’s a partnership, supporting water companies in delivering hydration excellence. Experience the freedom to shape your brand online with MTeamZ – where customization meets convenience, and innovation flows effortlessly.

Customized Mobile Application
MTeamZ Mobile Application, a comprehensive solution tailored for water companies to effortlessly manage both online and offline orders. This user-friendly app enables customers to customize their orders, track deliveries in real-time, and conveniently make secure online payments. With offline order capabilities, businesses can ensure operational continuity in areas with limited connectivity. MTeamZ is redefining the landscape of water business management, providing a powerful tool that combines convenience, connectivity, and security in a single tap.

An advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution exclusively designed for water companies. MTeamZ serves as a centralized platform, revolutionizing customer interactions by seamlessly managing inquiries, orders, and customer feedback. This tailored CRM empowers water companies to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with clients through personalized experiences, efficient order tracking, and streamlined communication. MTeamZ not only elevates customer satisfaction but also optimizes internal processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency. With automated order processing, real-time customer support, and insightful analytics for strategic decision-making, MTeamZ is the comprehensive CRM solution propelling water companies toward sustained success in the dynamic market of hydration services.

Customized Dashboard
MTeamZ Solution provides tailor-made dashboards for water companies, offering role-based access to team members. This customized dashboard enables users to conveniently view daily updates on delivery, production, and revenue according to priority, facilitating efficient monitoring and management of key metrics for enhanced operational effectiveness.

Business Profile Page
Our solution allows water companies to establish their dedicated business page, providing a platform to share real-time updates on offers, upcoming events, and products. Furthermore, utilizing a unique URL, a QR code can be generated, serving as a convenient gateway to the company’s customized webpage. This dynamic approach enhances the company’s ability to efficiently share comprehensive business information with stakeholders and customers alike.

Track Empty Bottles
In our solution, we effectively address the challenge of tracking empty bottles for water companies by implementing a streamlined system. The platform allows seamless tracking of the collection process, noting the precise time and originating client details, including names, addresses, and contact numbers. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate and efficient monitoring of bottle returns, facilitating improved logistics and customer engagement for water companies.

In the MTeamZ solution, water companies can significantly reduce costs associated with printing coupons by transitioning to an electronic coupon (eCoupon) system. This innovative approach allows companies to issue digital coupons to all customers, providing a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. The eCoupons can be easily tracked within the system, offering the flexibility to renew or cancel them at any point in time. This not only streamlines the coupon management process but also minimizes monetary transactions associated with each delivery, contributing to enhanced efficiency and financial savings for the companies.

Collect Orders (Online / Offline)
MTeamZ serves as a versatile cross-platform solution for water companies, enabling them to efficiently manage online order collection by sharing QR codes for payment directly through the MTeamZ platform. Additionally, the solution accommodates the recording of offline payments for every customer, whether in a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) context. This integrated functionality ensures seamless payment processing and order tracking, providing water companies with a comprehensive tool to manage transactions and customer interactions across various channels.

Direct Chat
Within the MTeamZ platform, customers have the capability to directly engage with the company, enabling them to raise issues or reschedule their orders at their convenience. This streamlined communication channel facilitates a seamless interaction process between customers and the company. Moreover, MTeamZ eliminates the necessity for external software or applications by providing a comprehensive internal communication feature for employees. This integrated solution ensures efficient and centralized communication within the platform, enhancing collaboration and eliminating the need for additional external tools.